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Ask my muse questions about their relationship with another character.



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Rapunzel sighed. She was bored and there was nothing to do. Nothing. At. All. Frowning, she stared at the clouds and tried to make them into shapes. But today she felt unimaginative (which was crazy, because she was the guardian of creativity) and all the clouds looked like to her were giant, fluffy marshmallows. Sighing once more, she rolled onto her stomach, and started to play with the grass. She even attempted to make a whistle out of a piece of it, but the only noise she made was a wet blowing sound. Frustrated, her head collapsed onto her folded arms and she grumbled to herself. There was nothing to be done because it wasn’t her season and no one was trying to take over the world or anything like that. All of her friends were busy and didn’t have time for her. Even her usual hangouts weren’t entertaining her. What was a perpetual teen to do when everything was so boring? There was nothing new to entertain her at all. Rapunzel let out a long breath of air and turned her head so her cheek rested on her forearm. Her eyes scanned the fields in front of her. There had to be something to do.

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((i’m sorry i’m really pissed off right now that’s why i’m not roleplaying my sister and my stepdad are both irritating me so much i wanna scream and cry and everything like that

i’ll be back tomorrow or later or something))

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((i forgot i already have a steve account i made a few weeks ago out of boredom that i never used

steve account here if you want it!!! c; ))

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((i’m making either a steve rogers or a bucky barnes account i can’t decide which one heLP))

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As long as you’re respectful, you are totally welcome to reply to any of my open posts, even if we’ve never interacted





This doesn’t mean your muse has to be respectful. Some muses are just jerks.

Your muse catches mine in the shower. What is your muses reaction?
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